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General Features
Store management done by ClickCarts,  Back office store studio aka the "BOSS"
Provides complete web site solution, including shopping cart, content management, customer management etc...
Unlimited # of products, database size, etc
Coupons, manage and create unlimited store coupons    
Direct product importing from Excel   
Product Features
Unlimited Number Categories and Manufacturers
Products can be mapped to more than one category
Paged browsing for categories and products
Image Galleries Supported
Unlimited Products images
Disable / Enable specific products - at will
Full Product Attributes support like: size/color
Products can be forced to the top of the pages
Unlimited number of variants per each product
Each Product-Item can have a separate SKU modifier, and price, description, etc
Support for sale prices
Product Descriptions can include HTML formatting
Recent Products Viewed with Product (similar to
Upsell Product Features
Related Products: Entice additional sales by listing related products/accessories on each product page
Pricing Feed Support Features
Froogle Feed Supported for all Products
Product Import Features
Import Products From Flat (Comma Delimited) .cvs file
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): EVERY product & category page in  your store can be fully index and crawled. (This can increase in site traffic from search engines.)  
Google Xml Site Maps
Fully dynamic page titles, and search engine meta-tags
Product Inventory Features
Inventory Tracking
Advanced inventory tracking (by product, variant, color, and size)
Coupon Features
Complete Order Based Coupons (apply to entire order)
Coupon discounts by Customer: Dollars or Percent
Themes and skinning & Page Layout Customization
Change skins in real-time. You can conceivably have several skins for a single store if you need to.
You can link to the cart "pages" from your existing site pages, or use the ClickCarts to run your entire site
Add page header/footer HTML blocks to cart page, and all checkout and order confirmation pages, to provide special notes/text specific to your store or business
Automatic e-mail notification to customer with receipt
Automatic e-mail notification to store admin of new order received (optional)
Customer Accounts
Customer can view Order History
Customer has address book
Multiple billing/shipping addresses per customer (similar to style checkout)
Payment Methods Supported (types of payment)
Credit Cards (Accept Credit Cards in Real Time: Cards can be processed & verified in real-time, or you can delay processing until a later time)
Check By Mail
e-Checks ( gateway)
Purchase Order
Request For Quote
Payment Gateways Supported
MANUAL Gateway (just collects order & payment information for offline processing) Gateway
(If you need a merchant account, we can get you started, call today!)
CentralPayments Gateway
ISCAccess Gateway  
Google Checkout - Coming soon!    
Transaction Features
Support for CVV2 (credit card security code) entry and checking (fraud prevention)
Address Verification codes reported to administrator with order
Force billing address to be the same as shipping address
Other Features
Customer e-mail lists
Product Catalog Only Sites
(e.g. turn buy buttons off create a Content management system)
Order notes can be entered by customer with special instructions
External Product Specifications/Details Supported (e.g. product "specs" can be stored in external PDF or HTML file, and linked into product page)
Integrated Product Search
E-Mail Product To A Friend: Product pages can be e-mailed to friends by site visitors
Tax Features
Apply Tax by State
Tax can be applied to shipping costs
Individual Products can be marked Taxable or tax-exempt
Customer Levels can be tax-exempt (e.g. wholesale)
Operational Features
Manage your store or Multiple stores via our easy to use ClickCarts, Back office studio.
No Need to understand HTML programming!
You do not need to understand SQL databases, etc
Mass email support directly with application: Send e-mails or HTML newsletters to registered customers. Design your newsletter in favorite HTML editor like: FrontPage or DreamWeaver
Customer can define multiple billing/shipping addresses and select during checkout
Order History Pages: Customers can get their prior order histories, check order status, etc all online
Product Ratings & Reviews
Customers can review & rate products (if enabled)
Administrator can moderate comments
Obscene Language checking on comment entry
Security Features

Supports SSL Encryption for secure ordering. Cart automatically switches into secure mode appropriately. Supports any brand SSL certificate. (Contact your hosting company for certificates).

Integrated .net security roles and support
Notification Features
Order receipts automatically e-mailed to customer
Instant e-mail notifications sent to customers when order status changes
System Requirements
Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.0
Windows XP, Windows Server 2000/IIS 5 or Windows Server 2003/IIS 6 Supported
SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2005 Express, and MSDE Supported
SQL Server can be located different than Web Server.

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